We are very grateful to all of our sponsors, funders and Kent YFC alumni for their ongoing support! Our county federation is dependent on our wonderful supporters to keep running and continue providing an amazing experience for all of our members. A special thank you goes to the following sponsors and funders:

How you can help us

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Loan of a Venue

Here at Kent YFC we hold many events throughout the year, these can include our anual and Highly succesfull County Ball, Training Days and a variety of Competition Days. The Loan of a venue for one of these events would mean that we could hold more of these and improve the activitys that our members can perform.


For more information Please contact: organiser@kentyfc.co.uk

Industry Tours

The Clubs that form Kent YFC often hold evenings where they tour a Farm or factory, this is a major part of what we do, as it allowsthe members to learn more about an industry that is relevant to their lives. However, finding Industry visits is becoming more difficult for the clubs. A guided tour for one of our clubs would be an amzing oppurtunity for the members to learn more about the industry.


For More information Please contact your Local Club or email: organiser@kentyfc.co.uk

Loan of Livestock

The main event of the year for us is the Kent County Show, here we have a whole section of the show dedicated to kent YFC, our members spend hours preparing their animals to show, and then try to impress the judge with their animal!

For many clubs, finding livestock to show can be a challenge but is a great way to advertise a local breeder to a wide audience!


For more information please contact your local club or email: organiser@kentyfc.co.uk

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